From the land to the store, buy Cascina Maremma’s products.

Initially created to give the opportunity to our guests to take home a “piece of Caremma” after a dinner or a weekend, in recent years has taken on its full autonomy and individuality.

All products for sale in the new Bistrot are guaranteed by ICEA, the historic brand that certifies the correct application of the method of organic agriculture and the recent but not least “mark Ticino Park – Controlled Production” that certifies the origin and environmentally friendly method of cultivation.

Currently you can buy along with rice and flour from our cereals, jams Berries and Apples and Lavender, products from hives to no more than 100 meters away from the farmhouse.

More than a score of sausages are produced here, made from pork and wild boar meat, all very special and highest order of craftsmanship, some even smoked a testimony of the Austro-Hungarian nineteenth Lombard domination.

The farmhouse is from 1996 Information Center Ticino Park. Therefore, along with the food, you can find books, maps and gadgets can provide ideas, materials and subsidies to organize an adventure in this beautiful corner of the Po Valley.


A gift idea that gives a nod to good food.

Cascina Caremma offers a selection of gift baskets suitable for all occasions, with its products, both food and for body care.

You can request customized gift baskets to suit your needs.

Choose which products you prefer and the number of baskets, to pack and dispatch we think.

Some examples:
1 bottle of wine produced in the farm Caremma
1 Conf. Rio semolavorato arborio
1 Conf. Paddy semolavorato arborio
1 Conf. Of cornmeal polenta
1 Conf. Of whole rye flour
1 Conf. Of whole wheat flour
1 Conf. Of wheat flour type “0”
4 pork sausages
2 Cotechini
3 liver Mortadella
1 raw salami “Crespone”
1 500 gr. of honey
from € 79 with gift box

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