The culture of the land of Cascina Caremma and its organic products.

Cascina Caremma mainly established as the Azienda Agricola led by its founder Gabriele Corti and is distinguished by a high-quality production of rice, wheat, barley, corn, corn polenta, grain maize cultivated with typical traditional techniques such as crop rotation and all ‘ he teaches respect for the Earth, thus giving rise, for over 25 years, to a true Agriculture Bio-Logic.

Walking through the fields of Cascina Caremma you will notice the presence, between a country and the other, hedges and rows of valuable native plants that contribute to the maintenance of agricultural biodiversity and ecosystem of the Ticino Park, creating a captivating landscape, natural, to discover.

The continuous search for Cultivar linked to the tradition to the rediscovery of flavors and recipes of the past, they become synergistic improvement of an agricultural landscape that gradually takes on the appearance of the nineteenth campaigns, while still agriculture was aimed at achieving local food self-sufficiency, on which basis the economy of the same Farm.

Always with the rediscovery of traditional crops, Cascina Caremma brings back the culture of the married life to arable, reintroducing Freisa, one of the typical historic vines of the area. The vineyard of Caremma is a kind of outdoor museum of agriculture Po century, when the subsistence economy had to produce everything they needed for the livelihood of people: from cereals to legumes, vegetables to the little meat that it could afford, from wine and even oil which was obviously not olive but of Cruciferae seeds, as well as to textile fibers, hemp and flax.


Pigs and cattle: the excellence of Made in Caremma meat.


When you arrive at Cascina Caremma you can not help but notice the beautiful pigs that are bred on site; from two pigs slaughtered at the beginning, now there are more than a hundred head of cattle grub freely in a big pasture outdoors.

Graze on a campaign of almost one and half hectares divided into two parts: where have grazed this year, next year will be sown corn, which will benefit the business operated by the pigs, finding common ground largely free from weeds and rich of nutrients.

Animals are so favored by a free lifestyle, staying healthy and free from antibiotics and drugs in general, providing a clear example of how the relationship between man and the environment can be highly synergistic.

The daily feeding is constituted by a mixture of Bio flour composed of protein peas, barley and corn, all produced at zero meters.

After years of research we finally managed to find the last animal of race Mora Garlaschese (Garlasco is a town Lomellina beyond the Ticino, so in Pavese territory, but that is as the crow flies no more than 10 Km), a breed endangered which like all the native breeds have a better adaptation to the farming system in the wild and greater resistance to disease, producing a savory meat, ideal for the production of cold cuts.

The indigenous farming allows Cascina Caremma to give life to an own production of delicatessen meats, a passion born 30 years ago thanks to a meeting with Elio Sgarella, valuable collaborator and a great friend. With him are born all meats, processed and accudititi as a “family jewel”, following blindly the tradition that the pig does not throw anything.

In addition to the pigs, Farm Caremma stands out for the breeding of beef cattle of Breed Piemontese Fassona, one of the breeds most prized meat in the world.

The animals have, in the course of their lives, adequate pasture area getting a great well-being and consequently a higher resistance to disease. Not only that, grazing also allows a better look morpho-functional and thus excellent productivity.

The daily diet consists of hay at will and from a mixture of Bio flour composed of protein peas, barley and corn, all produced at the Cascina. It goes without saying that the organoleptic quality of meat derived from it is not common level.



Seasoning that gives quality and taste of our products.

The seasoning has a key role in the realization of the meats of Cascina Caremma, since it is a fundamental step to ensure the highest quality products.

This process is carried out in the former premises, used as early as the late nineteenth century, called House of Familiars, where the port of Abbot coffered ceiling still the nails used to hang the sausages.

Every year Cascina Caremma celebrates with the Event-Dinner “Epic pig” the importance of this animal for our area.

These premises, even today, are fundamental in curing thanks to the optimal ratio of temperature and humidity that ensures a perfect ripening of sausages due to the presence of the best strains of specialized molds and select quite naturally over the centuries.

Enter the processing laboratory means embarking on a journey into the past, where reigning sovereign those scents of the country tradition, guarantees an excellent ripening process which came to life healthy meats and high quality.

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