in nature in search of a new inner well-being

Audio Tour

The tour is open all year round.

Nature and the country lived like an “open air” museum

Just like a real museum, where there are paintings and the audio guides provide in-depth information on the works of art, here instead of the paintings there is nature, there is the live agricultural landscape and its evocative power. Food for thought will be provided through your mobile linked to an audio file.
The audio tour marked by stops will accompany you lightly, across the land of Cascina Caremma, introducing you to the protagonists of country life according to a philosophical interpretation and through a historical point of view.

Instructions for use

With the help of a map, once you reach the point of interest, you will simply have to frame the QR code placed on the panel with your smartphone and you will immediately be linked to the audio file. Wear the headphones, relax comfortably on a bench and enjoy the surrounding landscape while words and music will do the rest: Happy listening!

Duration: approximately 1 hour

Caremma Experience

Audio Tour

36 hectares of land that offer nourishment for body and mind

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Audio Percorso Filosofico

– a cura di Luciano Valle –

0 il silenzio

1 il campo e la vigna

2 la siepe

3 l’albero

4 l’acqua

5 il cielo

Audio Percorso Storico

– a cura di Mario Comincini –

1 la terra e le colture

2 il bestiario dell’immaginazione

3 il bosco

4 il Ticino, segreto e presente

5 tutti gli uomini della cascina


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Walking across the fields and the farm to understand its life, learning on site with your eyes, hands and through the sense of smell how knowledge, culture and respect for biodiversity contribute to the growth of an economy and to an eco-friendly development.

A tour of a little ethnographic museum with 26 stops, to be taken slowly.

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