The Shop of the Territory

DComing from our fertile land, in the Ticino Park countryside, our organic products and our cured meats from semi wild breeding are available at the shop.

The Shop is in the centre of Abbiategrasso.


Pigs, Cattle and Hens: semi-wild breeding


Arriving at Cascina Caremma you can immediately distinguish the fine pigs that are raised there; from the first two initial pigs, there is now a swine herd of over one hundred pigs that root freely in a large outdoor pasture.
They pasture in a field of almost one and a half hectares divided into two parts: Where they pasture this year, next year the field will be sowed with maize, which will take advantage of the work carried out by the pigs by finding a soil that is mostly free from weeds and rich in nourishing substances.
The animals thus benefit from a free lifestyle, keeping healthy and free from antibiotics and medicines in general, offering a clear example of how the relationship between man and the environment can be highly synergistic.
The daily diet consists of a mixture of organic flours, made of protein chickpeas, barley and maize, all produced locally.
After years of searching we finally managed to find the last animals of the Mora Garlaschese breed (Garlasco is a small town in the Lomellina area, on the other side of the Ticino and therefore in the Pavese territory, but it is no more than 10 Km away as the crow flies): an endangered breed that, like all native breeds better adapts to the system of wild state breeding and has a greater resistance to diseases, producing savoury meat, which is ideal to make our local cured meats.
Native breeding allows Cascina Caremma to create its own production of cured meats, a passion that we developed no less than 30 years ago, thanks to our meeting with Mr. Elio Sgarella, a precious collaborator and great friend. All our cured meats were developed with him, processed and looked after as a family jewel, effortlessly following the tradition according to which when pigs are butchered, nothing is wasted.

Apart from Pigs, Cascina Caremma distinguishes itself by raising beef cattle of the Piedmont’s Fassona breed, whose beef is one of the finest in the world.
In the course of their lives, the animals have at their disposal an adequate grazing area, achieving a notable well-being and consequently a greater resistance to disease. Not only that: the grazing area also allows a better morpho-functional aspect and therefore an excellent productivity.
The daily diet consists of hay at will and of a mixture of organic flours, made of protein chickpeas, barley and maize, all produced locally at the Farm.

Laboratory for the production of sausages

quality and taste of our products

Seasoning plays a fundamental role in the making of the cured meat of Cascina Caremma, as it is a fundamental step to ensure very high-quality products.
This process is carried out in the ancient rooms, that were already used at the end of the Nineteenth Century, called “Casa dei Famigli” (the Servants’ home), where the fir wood coffered ceiling still has the nails originally used to hang the salami.
Every year Cascina Caremma celebrates with a dinner-event, the “Epic of Pork”, the importance of this animal for our territory.

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