The peasant tales of cascina caremma

the tradition of food self-sufficiency told with four seasonal themes, the founding pillars of the Nineteenth Century farm.

Wine, Bread, Rice and Pork are the protagonists of the traditional Lombard table, the main source of nourishment and pleasure that we rediscover told by the producers, at times pioneers and at times shamans.

This journey in the culture of food and taste is accompanied by a special tasting menu and excellent organic wines which go perfectly with it.

October – November

Return To The Vineyard

Cascina Caremma celebrates its wine and its vine-dressers

Themed evening events dedicated to the great past of wine-growing and producing of our territory, to the Wineries chosen by Caremma for its wine list and to its vine-dressers, the pioneers of organic wine.

The experience consists in a small iconographic tour to rediscover the wine-growing of the Abbiatense area. The vineyard, a cultivation which is widely spread in all the Ticino Valley and even in the Milanese area, one of the many “forgotten stories” of agriculture. From Leonardo’s Vineyard in front of the church of “Santa Maria delle Grazie” (Holy Mary of Grace) to the great number of Winepresses and Wineries for wine-making scattered all over the territory. Many elements bear witness to a presence which is so important as to influence also the language (in the Milanese dialect “andà alla vigna” (going to the vineyard) is a synonym of “going into the country”).

Cascina Caremma resumed this tradition by replanting a vineyard in the same plot of land where there was one until 150 years ago and by resuming wine-making from 2007.

Every Thursday will be dedicated to a Winery and a vine-dresser will be present in the hall for the wine tasting of his own wines during dinner.
A way to meet directly those pioneers of organic wines and “Resisting Farmers”, the last bards of the “Hymn of the Earth to the Sky”, as defined by the great Gino Veronelli.

January – February

The epic of pork

We celebrate the animal that has deeply marked our territories

“Arriving at Cascina Caremma you can immediately distinguish the fine pigs that are raised there; from the first two initial pigs, there is now a swine herd of over one hundred pigs that root freely in a large outdoor pasture.”

These animals have deeply marked our territories, with an influence on architectures, customs and traditions, sacred and profane festivals, lifestyles, so much so that we can actually speak of an “Age of Pork”.

Getting To Know

In the laboratory where, for over 20 years, cured meats, the masterpieces of country gastronomy, are produced:

• The Shaman/Masular: a job at high risk of extinction.
• The drying room: cradled for 7 days like a baby.
• The seasoning, the maturity and the “Sacred Moulds”


Pan & Salam S.p.A., a company that knows no crisis:

• Cacciatorino con sfoglia di gnocco fritto (a short seasoned salami with fried pastry)
• Mortadella di fegato su pane con (l’)uvetta (liver mortadella on bread with raisins)
• Pane con miele, (e) noci e lardo mantecato (Bread with honey, walnuts and creamed lard)
• Risotto con salsiccia e fagioli (Risotto with sausage and beans)
• Bottaggio con verze e verzini (stew with cabbage and verzino sausages)
• Sbrisolona tradizionale con strutto (traditional crumble cake with lard)

March – April

Bread festival

Ancestral breads, unreplaceable and sometimes the only food available.

Created by the resourcefulness of man since ancient times, food that still today is not always available for many peoples in the world.

From native Tribes to the metropolitan street food.

The Fast-Breads of 5000 years ago, delights that have a primeval taste.
Crescentine (fried bread dough) cooked on the spot served with local Pork loin ham
Tigelle (small round flat bread) served with cured meats of Cascina Caremma, the simplicity and intensity of primary aromas.
Yellow bread, bread with seeds, pan Tranvai (bread with sultana, traditional of the Brianza area in Lombardy), rye bread made with our organic (BIO) flours.
A special menu: every course is specially combined with different types of bread served while they are still warm.

Cooking in the ancient wood oven

In our drawing-room laboratory to learn how to cook your own “piadina” in a Seventeenth Century wood oven. Halfway through the dinner event, whoever wishes to do so can make a “piadina”, kneaded, shaped and cooked with his/her own hands, to learn the secrets of the preparation of this ancient food and to be able to make it at home, in just a few minutes, when you are left without bread.

May – June

Rice, The Gift From The Gods

Let us honour the most popular cereal in the world. Simple and healthy food.

A symbol of earth’s generosity

A guided visit of the farm going across the fields comfortably seated in the Caremma Agribus with an exceptional narrator: Gabriele Corti, patron of Cascina Caremma, passionate entrepreneur of organic cultivation and sustainable animal raising.
An aperitif with the sunset reflecting on the water of the rice fields.



All participants will receive a free jar of Cascina Caremma’s rice and the recipe of the “Risotto with
6 herbs from the park”.

Give a voucher for the “Giovedì di Caremma” dinner experience

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