Our property devotes a real dedicated service for businesses.

6 meeting rooms equipped with the highest standards and of course the ability to usuffruire of the restaurant and bistro areas.

The rooms of the Hotel and of the Cascina make it possible to organize multi-day events.

Finally we propose a series of team building activities to support you in organizing the event with a key service in hand.

You will find the link dedicated to this area and for any information you can contact our reception at the number on the bottom of this page.

The nature of Cascina Caremma restaurant is always open.

You can find all the information in the restaurant section in this link.

The classic tasting menu changes monthly and is typically offered on weekends.
Price: 32 € excluding drinks

Monday to Friday, these are the proposals:

Lunch break and cena_
A la carte menu (selection of about 8 dishes) and special set menus for professionals and businesses.
Medium paper Price: 15 € including drinks
average menu price: 20 € including drinks

Thursday dinner-laboratorio_
Now I have a tradition for Cascina Caremma and every year are renewed.
Each proposal has a longevity of about two months and is aimed at celebrating typically seasonal ingredients.
The pig and the countless uses with “Epic pig”, flour and the art of bread with “the bread festival”, rice as “Gift of the Gods).
Price: 35 € including drinks (can vary depending on the event)

There is the devoted to this area and link for any information you can contact our reception at the number on the the bottom of this page.

We ask you to notify us as soon as possible in case you need to cancel any service and reservations.

Just in case you can not do otherwise, our administration will retain the deposit for cancellations received with an advance less than 48 hours.

The Nature Spa offers numerous ideas for your well-being that we decided to organize into “packages” and “Gift Box”.

If you do not find the desired solution, you can always contact the reception of the SPA by mail or to the switchboard. references at the bottom of this page.

At this link you can find the dedicated area.

Our Natural Restaurant is perfectly designed to provide alternative dishes for your needs and those of your guests.

Just point me in booking and we will, depending on the raw materials available at that time to offer alternative courses to those proposed in our classic menu.

For organizational reasons, guests Vegetarians and vegans, who choose the tasting menu or menu Light, will pay the same cost per person of the other guests.

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