Agriculture that respects people and the generosity of the earth

Surrounded by the Ticino Park, in Besate in nearby Milan, stands the Farmhouse Cascina Caremma, a unique place of its kind where you can breathe in every corner and in every proposal the absolute link with the history, nature, agriculture knowledge and the flavor of the earth that, since 1988, its founder Gabriele Corti was able to reconcile with an offer of Hospitality and Catering unparalleled.

Gabriel’s mission was, and is, to enhance the generosity of the land, his wealth, so as to make the farm self-sufficient in food and wine request, where respect for the land, the sense of kmzero products, seasonality and biological can find their maximum expression here, thanks to the use of experimental techniques bioagricole, of which he is a scholar and advocate Gabriele. The work done in this direction has awarded both the Cascina Caremma that its founder, recently winning the prestigious Green Flag Agriculture 2015 reserved for institutions and companies that have stood out in the landscape protection policies, in the rational use of the soil and to promote the area to improve their living conditions. An award that summarizes a working path of growth, improvement and a lifestyle that Caremma has always promoted in its activities.


Gusta products Farmhouse Caremma in our Bistro. A selection of products of our land you will be served in a picturesque location perfect to savor all the nuances of flavors.


Give the packed baskets of Cascina Caremma. Inside each pack you will find a selection of the best wine and food products of our land.

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